Aes Sidhe

Vindictive Hedge

Session 5/01/2017

Lucas, Mogheddion, and Jarvis are given a new task by Uvo to find and bring back another changeling by the name: Am'noshyr Yett.  Uvo sets up a meeting with some goblins that would help them find him.  The party gets into the hedge safely into a clearing to meet a couple goblins, as planned, and begins questioning the Goblins about details of the changeling they were looking for.  Turns out the goblins had their new friend locked up in an uncomfortably small cage.  Uvo seemed to have left out a few details, as the goblins wanted a trade for this poor man.

Lucas attempts to offer Jarvis to the goblins, who comments that he would could make quite a profit, much to Jarvis' chagrin.  Jarvis first attempts to tell them they would making a big mistake, no, a very big mistake to if they do try taking him.  The goblins were unfazed explaining they've heard that line many times before.  Jarvis offers a deal of goblin fruit instead, however the party is short a few and have to find some.  The goblins gives them 20 minutes to find an adequate amount of goblin fruit and were kind enough to even let the creature go with them to find some goblin fruit for his freedom.  But should they fail to bring back the goblin fruit in a timely manner, they will spill the beans on the Free Hold: the Farthing's location to the True Fae.
The party accepts the deal, as come rolling out of the cage, a skinny, spindly creature rolls out in front of them. He had long limbs and fingers, smooth skin so pale it looked grey, bushy hair growing at his arms and legs.  His eyes were a shiny black abyss, unnoticeable sclera or pupils.  The creature looked frightened, and upon release attempted to run away into the unknown dangers of the hedge.  He was tazed by the goblins on the first attempt, but was stopped and picked up by Lucas before he got himself seriously hurt or worse.

Am'noshyr was squirming, kicking, and wiggling, trying to free himself from the ogre's grasp, but alas, the strength of the ogre's grapple was unfazed.  Assured that they were working to help free him, he was calm enough to be set down and follow the party on his own, though the hedge seemed to have other ideas.  Plants and bushes seemed to grow around him, trying to grab at him, slowing down his movement.  The creature looked as if he may bolt at any second, but Mogheddion approaches him, and tells him that he'll be alright, we bring him protection, he will be safe if he puts his trust in us, as Lucas gives Am'noshyr a reassuring pat on the back.  He visibly calms down and the hedge seems to loosen its grips and lessen its attempts to grab at the poor spindly creature.

With that ordeal out of the way, the party makes haste.  Onwards! To goblin fruit!  Though shortly into their march through the wicked forest, the plants seem to start rotting around Jarvis.  A slight ways disturbed and mostly disgusted, Jarvis attempts to run away from the rot.  However it seems to follow him where he went, seemingly like it was harassing him.  The rot grew worse as he tries to Nope The Fuck Out, as Mogheddion notices what's going on.  She tries to explain to him that the hedge is trying to mess with him, and to try and distract himself with something pretty.
Pretty! Jarvis exclaims. That's surely easy to do, all he needs is his makeup mirror.  But to his horror, the moment he flanced into the mirror, Jarvis saw a hideous old looking version of himself and reflexively drops his mirror.  The mirror surprisingly didn't shatter, and as he looks into from afar, he sees that in the mirror it was just an hallucination.  Relieved, Jarvis calms down and the rot starts to dissipate a bit, but any of it goes unnoticed to him, for he puts his attention in his mirror image as the party continues to trudge along for goblin fruit.

A few minutes into the adventure, the party encounters a strange looking bush.  It obviously harbors a goblin fruit, enticingly dangling a few in the direction the party approached.  The brave Mogheddion takes the initiative to grab the first fruit she sees, as she does, the plant begins to wrap itself around her arm and refused to let go.  Mogheddion tries being courteous at first, until Am'noshyr corrects her approach, advising that she must be rough with the plant.

"No, no, no you're doing it wrong. You have to be mean to goblin, the goblin like being meaned to.  You must show goblin who boss!  Shout at it and it will do what you want."

Taking the advise, Mogheddion shouts for it to let go, and as she does, the plant detaches its fruit to Mogheddion and runs into the bushes.  Mogheddion, surprised at the results of getting quite a juicy fruit in such a manner goes to grab for another.  She misses, realizing the plant is no longer there, looking around for it, she shouts into the distance at the bush.


As she was seething, the plants around the hedge seems to be laughing at her, inciting her anger a little bit more.  The gang picked up the pace. The hedge grew more twists and turns, making it harder to keep track of where they have been.  Just few more cuts and turns, there were some goblin fruit…. lodged right in the bushes of the hedge itself.
Brave Mogheddion rushes forth, putting her arms through the dangerous bushes to try getting the fruit.  Successful she was, though she was burned in the process, causing her to use her Will power to avoid harsher consequences.  What she pulled out was a small vine with what looked like a raison at the end of it.  The gang decides that this one might have been a little weak, so they made a turn to the right… lo and behold! a bush bountiful of goblin fruit. AND IT WASN'T LODGED IN THE HEDGE!  Mogheddion was not pleased about the twist of her fate.

The journey back was thankfully not as harsh if they concentrate on their destination.  A few minutes of walking around the gang finds their way back to the clearing with the payment for Mr. Yett's freedom.


~~~And scene


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