Albert de Morcef


Name: Jarvis
True name: Albert de Morcef
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Gandharva / Dancer
Court: _________

Standing at 5’8" tall, weighing in at 130 lbs. Blue eyes and a visage of strikingly feminine features: long eye lashes, luscious lips, and a jaw with sharp but feminine curves. Underneath his clothes he has fair/pale skin tone. Long golden locks of hair drops down his back, curly and parted with a ‘fwop’ like design. He has waspish hips and thighs that sway to and fro, emphasized by his trim body, and his hand-filling butt fills out his clothing nicely.
His Mien further enhances his androgynous features, his skin having somewhat of a sheen to it slightly glowing with greens and reds, his lips are a natural rose red color, his eyes are even blue-er with a tone of sadness or loneliness to them. His normal golden locks have tints of light red or orange that glimmer in sunlight and even in the moonlight with more locks of hair than usual. His limbs are also a slight ways longer, a little thinner, far more limber than his normal human appearance. He has no finger or toe nails, but they extend further out with soft fur-like bristles that adds to his graceful sway.
When he’s out and about, he usually wears ruffle top blouses and red bottoms, fitted to his body. Sometimes will wear a long red skirt with high-end fashion tops and low heels. He likes to dress to impress. One other thing. Red is his color.
At home however, he’s either naked or wearing large loose fitting T-shirts that kinda hang off his shoulder and no pants.

Health 7
Defense 3
Speed 9
Willpower 4
Wyrd 1
Clarity 7


Mental Secondary

  • Int 3
  • Wits 2
  • Resolve 2


  • Strength 1
  • Dexterity 3
  • Stamina 2

Social Main

  • Presence 3
  • Manipulation 3
  • Composure 2



  • Academics 2
  • Crafts 1 (Chemicals)
  • Occult 1
  • Politics 1
  • Science 2 (Chemicas)


  • Athletics 2
  • Stealth 2


  • Empathy 1
  • Expression 3
  • Persuasion 2
  • Socialize 2
  • Subterfuge 3


Vainglory (0)

Reflection (5)

Sorrow Frozen Heart (0)

Ambidextrous 1
Fame 1
Resources 2
Avatism 1
Dual Kith 2
Mantle 1

EXP: 9


Growing up, he had a much less masculine frame than most guys. He had a few bullies from time to time, but he never had problems with them given his positive disposition with adult figures.
He was in theater. With his appearance and “odd” personality, he often fascinated most people when interacting with them, absorbing attention and could easily persuade them to do what he wants. Though it was usually harmless, such as getting him candy, toys, knickknacks, etc. Harmless stuff.
However, no matter how much attention he commanded, he never really had “friends” and realized how lonely he was. What with some people also avoiding him, probably thinking he was some sort of weird theater kid, he thought.
So instead of waiting for people to come to him, he decided to try taking the initiative. But at that moment he felt he was being watched.
Before his time in Arcadia, his soon to be Keeper watched over him, just to see how well he fairs on his own. She wanted to see his potential. But he may have been a little too “pure” for her liking. So she carefully plots to capture him for her own purposes.
She notices that he frequented a park that usually had very little visitors. He goes there to sit and reflect on himself. One day, the Fae decides to disguise herself to get a more closer look for herself, and became “that lady at the park.”
They befriend each other, and Albert would voice his issues with her, and she pretends to give council. She sometimes hypnotised Albert and whispered her wishes to him, to coax him into acting not like his normal self, to try and cut off ties with his family and drop out of school.
She did this so that she didn’t have to create a fetch for him. Maybe she thought it was fun to capture him this way. But she was eventually victorious, where one day he runs off into a forest never to be seen again.
The clever Fae left little hints and tips to suggest that the boy had died, so authorities would draw a cold case sooner, and his parents would grieve and believe him to be deceased.
His time in Arcadia as he remembers was met with excruciating pains and trials, and the grips of pure ecstasy. His Keeper decided to make him attend the Faerie parties, that were usually of some sort of theme, but always mimicked old human Noble social gatherings. Making Albert speak on her behalf, and socialize with the Gentry instead of herself. Other times she would have Albert act in plays for their amusements, performing, dancing, anything she could to divert all their attention to him. He was her trophy she loved to parade around.

When they were alone, Albert’s Keeper made him practice without rest. When he was not good enough, she’d punish him harshly, if not by whips, she’d make him walk on a bed of nails, or hold very uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.
But when he should be able to give her a splendid performance, his “reward” was his Keeper molesting him. Her direct touches with him were met with a sort of electric jolts and ramped up the sensitivity he felt in his skin. She’d use her powers to invade his mind to have him experience something akin to an acid trip. Tainting his sense of love and kinship
Other times his Keeper would provide education to him of real world sciences and Fae magic.(edited)
She usually kept him somewhere close by, but she apparently had “an errand” to run one day, and she was simply gone. It took Albert some time to realize how long she had been gone, and that this may be his only chance to escape. And escape he did. When he came back out from the other side, he was now back at the old park he used to visit.
He wandered around, seeing how much time had passed, how much things have changed, he had no where to go. Nothing to return to by his knowledge. He was alone and confused.
He eventually crossed paths with a mysterious man. The man studied Albert, inspecting him carefully.

“You. What’s your name?
“I… Don’t have a name.”

“Don’t have a name? C’mon, everybody’s got a name.”


“Alright Jarvis, I’m Kieth. But you can call me K. You look like you could use something to eat. Mind if I treat you?”

He accepted his offer. And during that time, K asked him a bunch of questions. ‘Jarvis’ decided not to give full answers, as he would realize that his story might not be believable. But he told him of his skills and what he’s good at.
Upon gathering enough information, K decides to take ‘Jarvis’ to a few places and get him some identification. K later reveals that he’s an agent, and can get some gigs. So K had him do auditions in front of him to see how he is and was speechlessly impressed.
And thus Jarvis’ establishment in normal society. Though he can’t shake the feeling that something is still watching over him.

Albert de Morcef

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