Lucas Cole



Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Gargantuan
Court: Summer



  • Int 3
  • Wits 2
  • Resolve 2


  • Strength 4
  • Dexterity 2
  • Stamina 2


  • Presence 2
  • Manipulation 2
  • Composure 2



  • Academics 2
  • Medicine 2
  • Science 3 (Biology)


  • Athletics 4
  • Brawl 1 (Grappling)
  • Survival 2
  • Weaponry 4 (Swords)


  • Empathy 1
  • Intimidation 3 (Physical Threats)


Stone 3:

  1. Might of the Terrible Brute – The character may use his strength more effectively.
  2. Ogre’s Rending Grasp – The character can focus his inhuman prowess against
    an inanimate object.
  3. Display Grandiose Might – The Ogre can boost his Strength by a significant degree
    for tasks not involving combat.

Fleeting Summer 2:

  1. Baleful Sense – The character senses the greatest source
    of wrath nearby.
  2. Goblin’s Malignance – The character redirects the subject’s
    wrath onto a new target, most likely himself.

Giant 4
Mantle (Summer) 1


Initative: 4
Health: 8
Defense: 2
Speed: 12
Size: 6
Clarity: 7
Willpower: 4

Glamour: 5/11


Lucas’s family lived in Syracuse, New York. As a boy, Lucas was very active in sports and extracurriculars, though he always had difficulty relating to other kids – for one he was often twice the size of his peers, for another they just didn’t appreciate the same things he did. He also found with all the things his parents enrolled him in, he just didn’t have time for friends. From a young age he was interested in science; he was also an Eagle Scout, and he learned the value of first aid following a hunting accident. Lucas graduated from Nottingham High School May 1980; he applied to his fathers alma mater, Columbia and was accepted with a football scholarship. He majored in sciences following a premed track, again navigating academics and athletics successfully but with no time for a social life.

In August 1981 as a sophomore lineman after a longday of offseason practice, Lucas stayed out entirely too late at an arcade playing Donkey Kong. When he went walking back to his dorm past Central Park he heard a woman crying out repeatedly for help. Seeing curiously no one on the street, Lucas paced back and forth, then rushed towards the sound.

The darkness and graffiti of the broken down, nasty old park quickly gave way to curious foliage. While the screaming kept coming, when Lucas looked back he couldn’t see any streetlights he couldn’t hear the sound of any traffic or activity at any distance. Having come too far now, hoping he was just lost, he kept going towards the sound. When he finally got to a clearing, the world had taken on a strange hue and he was grabbed roughly by pairs of arms that dwarfed his own and was hurled to the ground. From above, face grinding into the soil, he heard the sound of applause and a sneering voice… “My hero…”

The next few years were not kind. An ogre is trained to rend and consume the flesh of his masters enemies. An ogre labors intensively for weeks on end for his master. Or at least, this is as it was told. An ogre does many things, it seems, for the sake of his master’s whim, including fighting and probably dying for his master’s amusement. Denied rest, denied meals, denied sanity Lucas fought his masters’ enemies, his masters’ friend’s slaves, strange and slavering beasts… his mind was of little apparent worth to his captor, but his body was forged into a monstrosity.

Lucas Cole

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