Aes Sidhe

These GIFs are going to put me in MY grave

The session starts. Jynsed posts one cat gif. It was a mistake. Everyone posts cat gifs. Jynxed has to remove posting permissions from Discord for everyone.

Session actually starts.


Several days later Uvo calls for a meeting, discussing the findings of last session. One changeling came forward to say that they have seen someone matching the description Jarvis gave in Washington Square Park. Uvo asked all who were available to investigate this matter.

After going to Washington Square park and doing a bit of investigating, a Mask was discovered over a bit of land and dispelled, revealing what appears to be an open grave. The party then rolled to ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

Troublesome Brews

Moghedion arrives at The Farthing with the rest of her rescue party, at the same time as Lyra. Awed by the changes, Moghedion looks for a herb shop and answers to how things have changed so much. The group, and a butler-looking wizened fae follows her under Ciar's orders to keep her from bringing up too many questions from mortals. Jarvis pays for her after she buys some herbs, and the group stops at Big Gay Ice-cream to get some ice-cream. The bar next to them has a strange symbol on it that is clearly out of place… and made in the blood of a changeling. The group take a sample of it for further testing, and investigate a little further.

Using his ability to see what has happened in the past in a reflection, Jarvis's sees an apparently thing man with what looks like a hood pulled over his face. Jarvis could tell he had pale skin, long black hair, thin face. Broad shouldered. wearing a backpack, dressed in all black with jeans worn around the pockets. He kneels in front of the window making hard to make him out, but he is drawing a symbol. His features are pretty androgynous. He acts casual but he's checking over his shoulder as we leaves.

Moghedion recognizes the sign is a reconstructed up rune from older times, and recognizes that it was used as decorations on grave stones.

The symbol looks like a hamburger with eyes.

The party finally makes it back to the Farthing. There, Moghedion meets Mina, the writing mass of tentacles and shares her concerns for Mina's being and mental well being. Mina gave Moghedian a hug. Jarvis texted Uvo when she's next available because Ciar was having a bit of a problem trying to push buttons with his massive hand. Moments later, Uvo joins Jarvis, Moghedion and Ciar, greeting Moghedion, offering information about the courts and freeholds.

Moghedion has asked for a job at healing changelings and possibly helping changelings out with deformities and/or injuries, of which the Freehold will supply Moghedion with Goblin Fruit for doing that job.

The First Encounter

The players found themselves in a Freehold which had been advertising itself as catering to the “Glamourous.” We met a bartender named Ciar who we could tell was a giant green fella, an Ogre. Just past the bar we encountered a banshee named Uvo. She told us this freehold was called The Farthing. The Courts of New York come to the Farthing to discuss and coordinate business on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We were told we are not allowed to tell people outside this city or non-Fae about this place.

Jarvis was established at the Farthing.

Lucas, Arianwen, & Gryffin are recent refugees. Arianwen and Griffin had been in the city for at least a while and had appropriate clothing. To say Lucas looked like a hobo would be an insult to hobos.

Gryff angered a tentacle changeling by suggesting it was just like from a hentai he watched. This started a bit of a commotion and Uvo wailed at both Gryff and the tentacle changeling, fatiguing them both greatly and stopping any further altercation.

Aria made friends with a lamia (possibly snake-typed beast seeming) named Nashwa, who has lived in the freehold for a few months and had collected or scavenged various items of worth from around the city and Aria was welcome to try to assemble computer parts or whatever else she might need. Ciar also gave her a weirdly cobbled together Atari 2600 and said it was a computer. :)

Gryff was carried back to his room by Lucas, who then also helped Aria move some boxes from Nashwa’s room to hers.


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