True Fae

True Fae are the immortal, mighty, and remorseless inhabitants of Arcadia, which lies beyond the Hedge. Also known as the Others, Gentry, Old Gods, Kindly Folk or simply Fae they are creatures that abduct humans and gradually transform them into changelings.1

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Once the True Fae refused to see themselves as a singular group of any sort. They still do not see themselves as a 'race' of beings, and have no name for themselves in that respect. Most still carry on with the old ways of thinking and working, only calling each other by Titles and Names. Changelings have given them many euphemisms to avoid speaking of them directly and possibly drawing their attention. When capitalized the Fae refers to True Fae, but when lower-case it references anyone touched by Faerie, including goblins and Changelings.

The Fae are strange beings that are the chaos and entropy to the human's pattern-finding and order. They are many at once and still one being, and their ways are as enigmatic as their methods. They are bound to all manner of strange oaths and rules, though everything seems to be understood on a relative basis rather than an absolute. Where mortals define, Fae relate, and this base difference in their very essence means they find mortals as difficult to understand as humans find Quantum Physics. It leads to their fascination with humans and their ways. It is difficult to call any Fae benevolent or malevolent as they cannot grasp the concepts of right and wrong that come naturally to most mortals. Some Fae have put in more effort than others to understand their play things, however. 

While they may take a human-like or anthropomorphic form to interact with humans in their own world, within Faerie and - to a lesser degree - the hedge, they possess the power of a God. They can do as they please and control all aspects of their realm in Faerie, being in as many or few places at once as they desire. They still hold great power in the mortal world through the contracts they made with the elements long ago. These contracts tie them to names, and the names give them meaning and defines their very existence. A single Gentry may possess many names, but to lose all of them would be obliteration. For some, their name being held aloft in the hearts of mortals ties to their power over the mortal world as well, so with the rise of atheism, so has their power waned, but changelings that pay attention to the mortal world have found that some of those names are being brought back with new reverence, having lived on, mostly dormant in myths and legends. Even the fanciful that play with the idea of belief thanks to some new media bringing the names of the Gods back into the public consciousness has given a resurgence to the strength of those Fae. What is ever stranger is that a select number of those Fae have also seemed to change their tactics when it comes to drawing humans into their realms.

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True Fae

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