Welcome to Aes Sidthe's Obsidian Portal. This game is a Changeling: the Lost campaign focused in New York City. This is the GM's first World of Darkness game, though she has experience in running story-driven D&D campaigns with rich story focused plot lines.



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The year is 2014, New York City. Mortals and their squabbles seem petty and distant compared to the problems currently plaguing the entirety of the changeling community. Even in Arcadia there has been talk of the strange divide that has been gaining strength between two factions of True Fae. They have come to be called the Old Ones and the Tuath Dé.

As always, the machinations of The True Fae ripples in effect into the modern world. In this age of Atheism and skepticism, the power of many True Fae has fallen in this world, but as fewer believe in myths, those who believe in the Titles used in the past — the Titles that were crushed by the growth of the Abrahamic faiths — have grown exponentially. Weakened Fae now return, unable to act in the Mortal worlds themselves, and many have joined in this trend towards kindness towards their mortal pets. They offer those who begin to worship one or more of their Titles power, fortune, fame, peace, happiness, understanding, and all other forms of temptations in exchange for their service, and entrance into the realm of Arcadia.


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Used Source Material

The following documents are the source materials used in the game in addition to what is found on this page and it's children:


  • World Of Darkness (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Changeling: The Lost (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Winter Masque (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Autumn Nightmares (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Lords of Summer (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Rights of Spring (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Dancers in the Dusk (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Goblin Markets (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • Night Horrors; Grim Fears (White Wolf Game Studio)
  • White Wolf Wikia -Only articles using information from Changeling: The Lost (2nd system) SRD

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